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Saniflo Installations and Repairs

At Plumber Hammersmith, we offer saniflo installations, repairs, and replacements. We can convert almost any space with a saniflo system, an extra bathroom, or toilet in an instance where the traditional gravity flow plumbing system is not possible — this is an ideal solution for toilets, en-suites, bathrooms, utility rooms, kitchens, and loft conversions.

Plumber Hammersmith provides professional saniflo installation and repair services in Hammersmith; you can be sure of excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our exceptional service and expertise have granted us independent recommendations by trust pilot. Our customers have rated our services 4 out of 5 stars.

If you want to repair or install your saniflo system, you should contact us on 020347511651.

Saniflo Installation Hammersmith

At Plumber Hammersmith, we offer professional saniflo and repair services. We also help you choose the most suitable saniflo system for your needs. Although this depends mainly on your existing plumbing set-up. Our engineers and plumbers are well-trained and experienced in installing your saniflo system.

Contact us on 020347511651 if you need to have your saniflo installed.

Saniflo Repair Hammersmith

An overflowing or a blocked macerator occurs when a foreign object makes the motor to become jammed — this makes the system unable to pump water and flush.

Another cause of problems with the saniflo is limescale. It causes blockage, and those who live in areas where water is challenging to get are at a high risk of limescale in their system. If you have limescale, it is advisable to descale at least twice in a year to reduce the buildup.

The following are some common signs that your saniflo requires a repair:

  • Noisy system
  • The system vibrates
  • Failure to power on or off
  • pump problems
  • leakage, etc

You have to ensure that your saniflo maintenance is carried out by experts who can professionally diagnose the cause of the problem and know the best way to fix it.

At Plumber Hammersmith, we also offer expert advice to our clients on how best to avoid having a faulty saniflo system.

If your existing saniflo is beyond repair or outdated, we can have a new one installed at an affordable price. Place a call to us on 020347511651, and we will start the process of getting you a new system.

How A Saniflo System Works

The saniflo has a macerator that breaks up the toilet paper and human waste using a blade. This blade spins around and liquefies waste in the process. After this, the water flushed into the system mixes up with the wastes, then the pump pushes it through the drainage pipes into the soil pipe or the drainage system.

Want to have your saniflo installed by a professional? Then place a call to Plumber Hammersmith on 020 34751651 today.

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