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Kitchen Refurbishment

So many homeowners have the idea that having a refurbished kitchen costs more money and it is not an easy job. Do you think this is true? Well, if you think so, we have come to reshape your thought by offering you quality kitchen refurbishment services that cover all your needs.

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Emergency Plumber Hammersmith is here to bring to life your dream of having an amazing kitchen. Don't think that your old, tired-looking kitchen cannot come alive. We can make it happen at Emergency Plumber Hammersmith.


We have been refurbishing kitchens across London over the years. We have experience! The major comebacks we get is from our customers who have been satisfied with our services. We also have the tools and of course, the ideas to make your kitchen work. Achieve your dream kitchen today by contacting us on 020 34751651.

Is there a difference between a kitchen makeover and refurbishment?

Yes! These terms are not the same because of the job description. However, they are often used interchangeably by people who may not have experience in kitchen plumbing. They are really not the same. Let's show you the difference.

What is a kitchen makeover?

In the kitchen makeover, the cosmetics of your old kitchen are upgraded. It is not an entirely new improvement upon existing kitchen fixtures, but you can see effects like:

  • A replacement of your kitchen doors (especially when it gives off an old look)
  • Change indoor handles
  • A new worktop
  • Change of existing sink
  • Replacement of drawer fronts

Kitchen makeover doesn't take so much time to install. A week or two may be enough for a kitchen makeover. You need to know that having a kitchen makeover may not give a totally different look to your kitchen, but the effect is definitely worth it. Want to give it a try? Call us right away.

What if your budget is low? No problem at all. This option is ideal for those with a low budget but be rest assured that when you use us, the change your kitchen will have will be great. Reach us at Emergency Plumber Hammersmith and let's discuss.

What is kitchen refurbishment?

This is more like a kitchen renovation! Remove the old kitchen and replace it with a new one; that's what kitchen refurbishment is all about. More space for storage, working, cooking, appliances and basically the upgrades you need will be provided with a kitchen refurbishment.

You can change your old kitchen worktop to solid wood, marble, granite, or even Formica worktop. What about your sink? Oh! That can also be arranged. You can get a stainless or ceramic sink.

In kitchen refurbishment, we can add, replace, or complete an extension for more functions in your kitchen. Just give us a call at Emergency Plumber Hammersmith now.

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Things you should expect during a kitchen refurbishment

During a kitchen restoration, expect the following:

  • Redesign of kitchen layout
  • Painting and decoration of walls
  • Plastering of walls
  • New flooring (tiled, marble, or wooden)
  • Installation of kitchen facilities such as sinks, garbage disposal, etc
  • New kitchen plumbing
  • New kitchen furniture
  • Modern kitchen appliances, etc

Imagine what you will do with all the above changes! Beautiful, isn't it? Of course, it is, but it depends on who handles the refurbishment. A good plumbing company like ours will transform your kitchen into a wonder; a place you will always want to be!

However, not all kitchen refurbishment comes with all these changes. People have different tastes, and as such, there may be a difference in what you need from that of others. Whatever your choice is, we at Emergency Plumber Hammersmith can provide you with a kitchen that meets your needs. Only call us now, and we'll see to it that you have the ideal kitchen.

Will it be necessary to refurbish your kitchen?

The answer to this question depends on you. But what is certain is that when you refurbish your kitchen, you enjoy the following:

  • More comfort - You may feel that your existing kitchen is comfortable, but why settle for less if you can have more comfort with a refurbished kitchen? Imagine that drab, tired-looking, and old kitchen being replaced with a smarter kitchen that is aesthetically appealing, hygienically clean, with a fresh flow of air. Come on; you can't deny that you don't want more working space and a clean cooking area. It's time to leave that old and stuffy kitchen. Call us for a change in your kitchen experience. Our number is 020 34751651.
  • Kitchen aesthetics - Yes! Your kitchen gets to look more beautiful, radiant and welcoming each time you walk in. Thanks to kitchen refurbishment, all that old cabinet, floors, and other furniture would change. We at Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, have great ideas that can transform your kitchen nicely.
  • More function - With a kitchen refurbishment, you can achieve more with your kitchen in terms of storage space, more appliances, working space, and less worry.

Who can do a kitchen refurbishment?

There are different plumbing companies all over Hammersmith, but only a good company like ours knows what works for kitchen renovation. We can help you change the outlook of your kitchen by installing a whole new set of kitchen fixtures and fittings. Call us immediately.

What if you don't have a choice of kitchen refurbishment?

That's not a problem at all! We can work with you to create a better kitchen. It's our job to guide you through the process of making a choice of kitchen you want. See why you need us? By choosing the right furniture, floor, and appliances for your kitchen, we will help you achieve your dream kitchen. Don't hesitate to contact our team. Remember, we're Emergency Plumber Hammersmith.

What's the cost of refurbishing a kitchen?

The cost of kitchen refurbishment would take consideration of the following:

  • What you need or require
  • Cost of removing the old kitchen
  • Type of kitchen upgrades
  • Plumbing service

All these factors will go into estimating the price of a kitchen renovation.

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It may be a disaster to use an inexperienced plumber for a kitchen refurbishment. You may end up wasting precious time and money. We advise you to hire a competent company like ours so that you will smile at the end of the day.

At Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, we will work with you to bring out the best in your kitchen. Your budget will also be considered too. But whatever we do, be rest assured that it will bring you peace of mind and comfort.

So, who should you call for kitchen refurbishment?

Contact us at the Emergency Plumber Hammersmith. Whenever you think of changing your kitchen, we have all it takes to work out your kitchen renovation. We are always available for discussion should you choose to call.

Our refurbishment services thrive on experience, creativity, and quality. When you talk kitchen refurbishment, remember we work kitchen refurbishment in Hammersmith. Give us a call soon.

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