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Boiler Servicing

Are you experiencing difficulties with your boilers? Do you wish to have your boilers fixed or replaced? Here at Hammersmith, our Emergency plumber offers annual boiler servicing to ensure that your boilers are always functioning properly.

Boilers can develop faults at any time, and an unexpected boiler malfunction can be stressful. At Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, our well trained engineers are trained to attend to emergencies. Do not hesitate to call us on via our phone lines on 020 34751651 and we will be at your service.

At Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, our engineers are experienced in fixing boiler problems, having undergone various practical training. We offer professional advice on how to keep your boilers running efficiently, to prevent emergency faults in the boilers. Emergency faults are usually dreaded, as they can occur at the worst possible time. To prevent getting stuck with a broken boiler during the cold season, get in touch with us today.

Worcester and Valliant Boiler Service

At Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, we offer services on different boiler brands like Alpha, Baxi, Viessman, Worcester Bosch, Worcester brand boilers and more. We pride ourselves on the impressive and excellent services we provide to the people of Hammersmith. Our boiler engineers are well trained and possess the kind of experience required to handle any type of boiler faults.  The satisfaction of our customer is a top priority, and we ensure that we always leave our customers impressed with our work.

Also, our boiler service cost begins at an affordable price of €95 + VAT. Contact our emergency plumber Hammersmith today.

Our Boiler Services

At Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure that your boilers are efficiently running. We offer two levels of services which are; Standard service and Plus service.

Standard Service

Our standard service begins from an affordable price of E95 + VAT. During this service, our well trained engineers carry out the following tasks;

  • Careful inspection of the components of your boilers to ensure that they are in good shape.
  • A thorough inspection of your boiler.
  • Proper inspection of the seal of your boiler to ensure that it is still properly tightened. In the case where the seal has been tampered with, our plumbers will replace the seal.
  • A visual check around the boiler and the facility, for leaks and corrosion.
  • A flue analyser test is also performed to ensure that the burner pressure and combustion are adequate. 

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rating star iconI just had a new boiler installed from these experienced plumbers. I am really impressed with their service. See them next year for annual servicing. Highly recommended!

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Plus Service

Our plus service charge begins from E105 + VAT. The tasks included in this service are;

  • Inspection of the radiator valve to ensure that there are no leaks
  • Draining the radiators so that the proper radiator pressure can be maintained
  • Ensuring that the radiators are properly heating.
  • Issuing our client a radiator key.

Annual Boiler Service Maintenance

When a boiler starts producing faults, it can be unsafe to the environment. Also, a faulty boiler increases the energy bills as it causes the equipment to work harder. It is important for boilers to be adequately checked annually. At Emergency Plumber Hammersmith, we carry out annual boiler checks for our clients. You can contact us to employ the services of our qualified engineers.

Diy Boiler Checks

It is important always to check boilers to ensure that they are properly functioning. Here is a compiled list of precautions you can take to monitor your boiler;

  • Review the handbook for the boiler properly.
  • A carbon monoxide detector should be put in place and checked regularly, as carbon monoxide can cause a lot of health damages.
  • An alarm and a smoke detector should be installed in the same room as the boiler.
  • Regularly inspect the temperature and pressure of the boilers to ensure that there are no fluctuations.


Q: How often should the boiler be serviced?

A: The boiler should be serviced at least once annually.

Q: What boiler types do your engineers work on?

A: Our services cover a large variety of boiler types, including electric, gas, conventional and regular boilers.

Q: What boiler brands do you work on?

A: As listed above, we are familiar with a lot of boiler brands like Alpha, Valliant, Worcester Bosch, Ariston, and Potterton.


Contact Emergency Plumber Hammersmith today by calling 020 34751651, and we will be ready to help with all your boiler problems.

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