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Battling With Hidden Plumbing Leaks

Hidden plumbing leaks are hazardous; this is because they can cost you so much for its repair. You could be charged up to thousands of pounds, and you could be lucky to pay hundreds for the repairs of a hidden plumbing leak.

One needs to be able to identify the warning signs given by a hidden leak in a plumbing system to prevent the leaks from damaging other expensive structures in your home.

Plumbing leaks add up to the increase of your water bills when they become worse. It can also damage your property and can cause your family to be affected by mould and mildew.

To get professional help with hidden plumbing leaks, place a call to Plumber Hammersmith on 020 34751651 today.

Recognising A Hidden Plumbing Leak

It is easy to know when you have a hidden plumbing leak — you may not need a professional to carry out a check for a hidden leaking pipe always because this plumbing issue is often apparent. However, we have provided some guidelines to help you recognise a hidden plumbing leak timeously to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

Some indications of a hidden plumbing leak include;

  • Increase In Water Bills

Always monitor your water bills for even the slightest increase. You can do that by comparing it with your previous bill. If there is an increase that you cannot account for, then you should know that there may be a hidden leak somewhere — leaks from pipes, fixtures and appliances are the cause of water wastage and other plumbing issues in the home.  

  • Evaluate Your Water Metre

This is one of the easiest ways to discover a hidden leak. If you have an unexplained increase in your metre reading, then you should know that there is a hidden leak.

You can evaluate your water meter when there is no one in the house — during this period; you can be sure that no one on the premise uses the water. Ensure you stop all water outlets in your homes like the toilet, shower, washing machine, dishwashers, and even the garden sprinkler; then take the current reading of your water metre, you can also take a picture of the metre if it will make your interpretation more accurate — allow the water to stay closed for three hours, after which you should return to take a second reading of the metre.  If the interpretation of the water metre is now higher than it was previously, know that there is a hidden leak.  However, if you need help in carrying out the reading of your water metre, you should contact Plumber Hammersmith on 02034751651, and we will be at your doorstep within the shortest time possible.

After Recognising A Hidden Leak, How Do You Track It Down?

After discovering that you have a hidden leak in your home, places you should further check should be the exposed pipes, showers, sinks, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, sprinklers and the irrigation systems. If you notice any drip, puddle or soft spot around these fixtures, then you should know that there is a hidden leak and you will need to contact a plumber to get it fixed for you. However, other signs of plumbing leaks can be stained and mouldy wallpapers, ceilings and even floorings; saggy walls or floors and earthy smell also indicate the presence of some hidden plumbing leaks.

If your leaks are as severe as the pinhole leaks behind the walls which can damage your properties slowly but steadily, you should place a call to a professional plumber immediately. Give us a call on 020 34751651 today.


About 30% of the amount of water used by the family can be accounted for by the bathrooms —this percentage can also increase if there is a leak. To discover if your toilet leaks, the following steps should guide you:

  • Add food colouring to the tank of your toilet and allow it to stay for ten minutes
  • Check the toilet bowl for the presence of the food colouring

If you notice the food colouring in the toilet bowl after these ten minutes, know that water leaks from your toilet tank to the drain. The most common cause of this leak in the toilet is usually a worn-out rubber seal in the toilet.  Contact Plumber Hammersmith on 020 34751651 to have a professional fix this plumbing issue for you.

Taps, Baths, Sinks, And Shower Heads

If you find any stain, mouldy or earthy smell around your basins and sinks, you should know that there is a leakage. This is more common in homes were its plumbing system is older than 25 years. Owners of such properties should be watchful because older plumbing systems are at a higher risk of developing problems.

Always ensure you completely turn off the taps for your baths and showers — you never can tell the amount of water a little drip can waste, talk more of the damage it can cause. If your taps do not turn off entirely again, you may consider getting them replaced, or better still, replacing the entire plumbing system.

Dishwashers and washing machines

If the hoses, valves and pumps of your household appliances become discoloured or oxidised, know that there is a hidden leak. These hidden leaks in the hose of your dishwasher or washing machine can develop into a significant problem if it breaks. When leaks occur, ensure you get the hose replaced immediately so that the little leak does not turn into something more severe.

Water Heaters

The presence of water puddles around your water heater is a sign that you may leak. If you notice corrosion or oxidation around the connections of the water heater, call a professional plumber immediately so that your water heater will be inspected, repaired or replaced if necessary.

Stained Or Damaged Walls, Floors And Ceilings

If you realise that your floors, walls and ceiling are staining, rippling, sagging, or warping, you should call a professional plumber as this is usually a sign of a leaking pipe in the surrounding area. While you await the arrival of a plumber, you can also check around to see if you can pin-point the cause of the wetness. Getting leaks like this repaired on time can reduce the chances of more expensive damages.

Stained Or Cracked Wallpapers And Paints

Steam usually emits from your bath and shower, yes! But it should not be enough to cause your wallpaper or paints to become discoloured, crackled, or bubbled. If any of these occurs in your bathroom, know that water leaking beneath the surface causes it. You should place a call to a professional plumber immediately to prevent additional damages from developing. Give us a call on 020 34751651.

Warping Drywall, Baseboard, Wood Panels And Plasters

When structural materials like the ones listed above become warped and soft when they are exposed to moisture for an extended period. You may notice some irregularities in the appearance of your wall (i.e. it may appear swollen or have a change in texture), know that there is a hidden leak somewhere and you will need the help of a professional plumber immediately.

The Presence Of Mildew, Mould And Funny Smells

You should also look around the non-shower walls and other unusual places for mould and mildew. It is common to have mould and mildew around the corners of a shower, but when they appear in unlikely places, it usually signifies a hidden plumbing leak. Mould and mildew grow in dark and moist places, and a wall with a leaking pipe is an excellent example.

When water stays and accumulates for some time, it will start giving off a musty and earthy smell. After cleaning your showers and bath if you still perceive any musty or earthy smell, you should know that there must be water leaking out of somewhere.

Wet Carpet And Floors

Hidden leaks, when absorbed, can cause the floor and tiles of the bathroom or utility area to become springy and lose. In some cases, the floor may even get stained. Water from uncontrolled leaks can cause the floorboards to start rotting, and this can make it weak and easily compressed when weight is applied.

The dampness of the carpet too can be related to leaking water which seeps into the floor and gets absorbed by the carpet. However, before concluding that a hidden leak causes your wet carpet, check around to be sure the water is not coming from another source.

An excessively cold room

Water can take heat away faster than air does. When you notice that a place is becoming more chilled than the others, you should look around; there could be a damp area that is taking down the heat.

Light switches that send out sparks

Water is a great conductor of electricity. If you hear crackling sounds or see sparks coming out from your switch when you turn them on or off, you should cut off the supply of electricity to that area and immediately place a call to a professional for help. Give us a call on 020 34751651 today.

A Dripping Sound

When everything the house is quiet, it can be effortless to hear a dripping sound, if you can listen to this sound, you should trace and get it fixed. It does not matter how small the leak may be, because small leaks can develop into severe issues.


Do You Still Have Difficulties Finding The Leaks?

If you are still unable to find the leaks after checking the fittings, fixtures and the entire house — sagging floors, walls and also looking out for mouldy and stained ceilings, then you should place a call to Plumber Hammersmith on 020 34751651, and we will send our expert plumbers to help you find and fix the leak before it becomes severe. Rest assured of excellent service when you contact us.

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