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Power Flushing & Central Heating Systems

Power flushing is a process carried out on heating systems to clean them up. It requires the use of water, a cleaning agent, a high velocity, and low pressure to dislodge the sludge in the system’s pipe without causing any damage to it. It is also known to be the most effective and fastest means of cleaning a central heating system plus it doesn't require the dismantling of the system.

Over a while, all central heating systems accumulate sludge in their pipes which can only be removed by a power flushing. The accumulation in the pipes can make the system not to function effectively. Sludge accumulation leads to a series of problems in your central heating system such as

  • Blocked valves that cause cold radiator
  • Poor circulation of water around your central heating system
  • Constant cutting-out of your central heating pump
  • High heating bills
  • Noise from your heating system
  • Frequent need for radiator venting
  • Rust in your radiator
  • Accumulation of dirty and black water in your central heating system

You do not have to deal with all these issues. Call Plumber Hammersmith for your power flushing services to ensure your central heating system functions optimally.

How do we carry out power flushing?

At Plumber Hammersmith, our engineers make use of recent and strong cleaning agents available to clean your pipes. We also use a powerful CF90 Quantum 2 power flushing pump to get rid of any sludge build-up. With the pump and chemical in addition to our years of expertise, we can dislodge any deposits in your central heating system no matter how stubborn and how long they have been there.

We have a special power flush pumps which are designed to tackle any circulation and boiler noise issues that may be caused by a sludge build-up and deposits from corrosion.

To carry out a power flushing, we connect our power flush pump into the heating system, then apply a high water velocity combined with a flow reversal which dislodges, mobilises, and expels any blockage in the pipe. We also power flush the radiators without disconnecting it from the system.

When you call us for your power flushing, you are guaranteed a good job because all our power flushing engineers are trained specially to achieve maximum results. This makes them maximise the power and potential of these machines.

Why choose us for your power flushing services?

There are several reasons why we should be your preferred option when you need a power flushing on your central heating system. They include:

  • We offer our power flushing services in homes, commercial, and business premises
  • We carry our free survey and a no-obligation quotation
  • Our plumbing engineers are well trained
  • We are available 24/7, and you can call us even for an emergency
  • We are customer-friendly, and we guarantee all our customers' satisfaction

For a power flush to be successful, it depends on the level of corrosion in the heating system. Power flushing only dislodges the sludge and corrosion debris, but it doesn’t stop the corrosion and decay in the pipes. If your central heating system is aged and prone to corrosion, you will need to install a new one.

Fixing Hidden Leaks

You may have a leak in your central heating system after a power flushing because of the chemical used especially if your system has corrosion issues. However, this doesn’t happen often.

Central heating systems that are not maintained regularly or treated with a corrosion inhibitor are prone to have severely compacted debris deposits in the system’s pipe, radiator, and boiler. In this type of system, it is common for the radiator and boiler not to function properly after a power flushing because debris is bound to break loose and get accumulated in the heat exchanger.

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If your central heating system needs to be cleaned, do not hesitate to call Plumber Hammersmith today on 020 34751651 to power flush the system.


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