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We offer all plumbing and heating services in Angel N1. Our plumbers provide all plumbing services of the best standard in Islington and its environs. Our team of engineers are well trained experts, with great experience and the finest skill in delivering the best of plumbing solutions to you.

We are available at all hours of the day. No matter what plumbing issues you have faced with, our engineers are always available to respond to all of your emergency calls, and to restore your faulty appliances, be it a leaking radiator, boiler breakdown, frozen pipes, low water pressure, or blocked drains, to its best functional state.

At Emergency Plumber, we ensure our services are done at best standard and finished in the shortest time possible.

Contact us today for plumbing services in Angel, N1 and you will never be disappointed!


  • Problem-solving experts
    At Emergency Plumber Islington, we make it a duty to offer only the best solutions for all of your plumbing problems. Make an appointment with Emergency Plumber Angel, and whatever your plumbing problems may be, we will ensure it is fixed to the highest standard.
  • Round the clock availability
    By contracting the services of emergency plumber in N1, you can worry less about all of your plumbing issues. We are equipped to provide whatever solution you need for any issues affecting your plumbing or heating systems. Contact us at whatever time of your choice, and we will be willing and extremely happy to be of help.
  • Excellent delivery
    Our team of engineers are among the best in experience and skill at delivering the highest standard of plumbing and heating services in Angel N1. We are efficient at meeting all of your plumbing and heating challenges, both past and present, and ensure that only the best and cost-effective solutions are given to all of our clients.
  • We are well trained
    At Emergency Plumber Islington, we are always improving our knowledge and service through workshops, and staying on top of the latest updates in technology and knowledge in plumbing and heating services. Contact an Emergency plumber in Angel N1 today to schedule an appointment.
  • Amazing customer service
    Our customers are of great priority to us, so we ensure your calls and questions are not left unanswered. As our client, you will encounter a customer service that is friendly and professional, and ready to listen to all of your questions. Reach to us on 020 31375020 to speak to our customer service representative.


Our services are tailored to the various needs of our clients in Angel N1 and cover a range of plumbing and heating solutions. You can contact us for the services below:


For a Plumber in Angel, our skilled engineers are experienced in delivering a host of plumbing services, including the fixing of broken toilets, bathroom & kitchen plumbing, broken fixtures, pipes leakages and various other plumbing services N1.

We also deliver great plumbing services to local schools and universities, warehouses, and even homes. Don't wait any longer; contact us now on 020 31375020 for a plumber in Angel.


plumber vs leaking faucet - ANGEL N1

Your plumbing system could bring up faults at any time, needing emergency repairs or troubleshooting. Emergency Plumber Angel can cover all of your plumbing problems at any minute or hour of the day as we are available 24/7 daily.

Our plumbers are well instructed to offer lasting solutions to emergency plumbing issues. We have a quick and efficient customer care service that is at all times responsive to the calls of our clients.


We provide boiler installation service in Angel, N1 in domestic and commercial facilities. Our well trained Engineers are skilful in the installation to be it small or large office buildings, residential homes, churches, hospitals, warehouses, factories and even university campuses.

Our boiler installations services come at a greatly affordable price. Our service package comes included with a ten (10) years manufacturer warranty for any new purchased from us.

In a few special cases, the installation of new boilers to a facility can take a minimum of three (3) days. Our plumbers in N1 are among the best at their jobs, and if possible, they can work tirelessly round the clock to ensure your boiler installation is completed, and ready to be used in less than a day. Before the installation of your new boiler is complete, we can install a short term immersion heater to provide you with heat and hot water for the time being.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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rating star iconI called emergency plumber for fixing the issue with water heater. He checked the condition of the heater and provided quality service at an affordable rate. We are really happy to hire professional plumbers for our work.

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rating star iconI just had a new boiler installed from these experienced plumbers. I am really impressed with their service. See them next year for annual servicing. Highly recommended!

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the boiler room - ANGEL N1

Our plumbers in Angel offer a 24/7 service to our clients, as we understand a boiler could get faulty at the unlikeliest of hours, and emergency repairs will be needed. If this ever is the case, with Emergency Plumber, you will get the swiftest of responses for all your emergencies including boiler repairs.

Whatever the fault of your boiler, be it a leak or the presence of kettling boilers, our well trained plumbers are professionally equipped to fix all repairs and are also skilled in repairing all major boiler brands.

Got a boiler related issue. Contact us today on 020 31375020 to get a quote for any of your boiler repairs.


plumber fixing central heating system - ANGEL N1

Do you need heating services in your homes or offices? At Emergency Plumber Islington, we offer some of the finest heating services, both in domestic and commercial facilities in Angel, N1. Our services also include the installation and repair of heaters. We recommend to our clients to subscribe only for professional service when installing their heaters so that the installation is safe and heat is evenly distributed through the heater.

Our professional expertise enables us to guarantee you time-friendly and effective heating services Angel, with ease and without any worry. Call us on 020 31375020 to access heating services.


Blocked drains are a problem that shouldn't be ignored, as it is neither healthy nor safe, but also unhygienic for a household or any other residential facility. If you find out that you are experiencing this problem, call us now for all drainage Problems.

Our resources include mobile vans equipped with the latest technologies in solving drainage blockages and engineers with the skill and professional expertise in offering emergency drain unblocking solutions.

Our rates are not only competitive but greatly affordable also. Call us on 020 31375020 to book our drain cleaning services in Angel, N1.


professional plumber - ANGEL N1

Our local plumbers in Angel, N1 can save you time and money, in terms of critical emergencies. We can provide you gas safe emergency plumbing services & repair work when it arise.

A local plumbers in N1 can easily repair plumbing issues such as broken shower arms or heads, leaky pipes, broken pipes and faulty faucets.

At Emergency Plumber Islington, our clients matter to us greatly, so we ensure our plumbing and heating services not only are of the highest standard but are also affordable and client-friendly. For plumbing and heating services in Angel, N1 contact us on 020 31375020 to schedule an appointment.

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rating star iconThe plumbers offered great service at reasonable prices. Reached my place quickly. I will definitely use their services in future.

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rating star icon LondonHired them to install my new boiler. They did the work quickly and I am really happy with their work. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for boiler installation.<

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