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Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains and How to Prevent Them

Blocked drains are a real pain! They can start as minor issues, but can quickly become complicated when adequate care is not taken. More so, they can also infringe on the smooth running of your daily activities, as well as causing damages to your plumbing system and surrounding areas.

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Common causes of Blocked Drains

  1. Hair

This is a significant underlying factor that can quickly induce blocked drains, as they can accumulate grease and other sticky materials to form blockages in your plumbing system. The most reliable way to deal with hair blockages is to prevent them entirely. However, ensure your draining system have guards to restrain the hair from going into the system.

  1. Dirt

Although they are often neglected, dirt is known to cause blockages to your drain. Ideally, your drains and pipes are not for washing just anything away, as excess dirt from clothes can build up in your plumbing system, which may result in other issues in your drains. It is crucial to Rinse out excess dirt and mud from your body outside, before washing them inside.

  1. Food remnants

You can set up a composting pile to get rid of food waste, rather than allowing them to go down the drains. This is mainly important for garbage that cannot easily break down. Some other food substance like grease should also be avoided, as they can result in blockages. To avoid any form of blockages, absorb oil on a paper towel and dispose of them off to the waste.

  1. Toilet paper build-up

Excess waste papers can easily block your drains, which can stop your toilet from flushing. Although, mild situations where water can still run through your pipes when flushed can be easily rectified with the use of a plunger. However, for complex cases, when the toilet is known to fill up quickly without draining, it is essential to contact a professional plumber to fix the blockage.

  1. Soap

Sometimes, soap can also lead to blocked drains in your plumbing system. Well, This may sound weird to many of us; excess soap can easily coat the interiors of your pipe, which may restrict the movement of waste in your drain. Installing a Water softener can also do a lot in reducing these irregularities.

How to know when I need drain cleaning services?

Not all drains may require the intervention of a plumbing professional. However, while some are easily remedied, by merely removing the item causing the blockages, some other blocked drain may need the help of a professional drain cleaner or plumber.

Here are a few signs that indicate the need for professional drain cleaning services:

  • When your garbage disposals are challenging to eliminate
  • Difficulty with normal toilet flushing
  • When drains are slow to empty after regular usage.

If you notice any of the above-listed signs after trying out a drain cleaning solution, then you may need to contact a professional drain cleaning service.

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