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Saniflo Installation and Repairs Chelsea

Our team of specialist saniflo engineers can help you with all saniflo installations and saniflo repairs in Chelsea. We are specialists in all kinds of saniflo repairs, installations, and problems.

With a saniflo system, you can convert almost any space. This is an ideal solution for bathrooms, utility rooms, toilets, kitchens, loft conversions, and en-suites.

Here at Emergency Plumber Chelsea, our saniflo engineers can provide saniflo installation and saniflo repair in and around the city of Chelsea.

With saniflo, you can convert a small space into a bathroom or toilet in a place where the traditional gravity flow system plumbing is not possible.

We believe in providing professional saniflo installation, and we also believe in an excellent customer care service. That’s why we are recommended independently, monitored and vetted by the Trust pilot and we have a high rating from our customers.

If you want to install a saniflo in Chelsea or you want to repair one, give us a call today on 02071833921.

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Saniflo Installation

Our team of expert engineers at Emergency Plumber Chelsea provide professional saniflo unit installation and repairs services in Chelsea. We fix the type of saniflo system that will suit your needs best, and this depends on the setup of your existing plumbing.

You can call our saniflo engineers on 02071833921 to discuss the type of unit that is most suitable for your home. If you need a saniflo installation or repair service, do not hesitate to reach us.

What Causes Faults In A Saniflo System?

An overflowing or a blocked macerator can be caused by a foreign object. This makes the motor to become jammed, thereby resulting in the inability of the system to pump water and flush.

Another cause of a blockage is limescale, although it is not too familiar. We suggest you descale your system at least twice a year if you live in an area with hard water. This will help to minimise the buildup of limescale.

Saniflo Repairs

You have to contact us for professional inspection and repairs if your system has pump problems, is leaking, won’t turn on or off, or is making noises.

Our expert team of plumbers can ascertain the problem and offer a quick and efficient solution. We also offer our customers expert advice on how to prevent this kind of incidence from happening in the future.

If your saniflo system has existed for a long time and it is beyond repair or very old, we offer new installations in Chelsea at a very affordable cost.

Simply contact us on 02071833921, and we will send one of our expert engineers to you shortly.

How a Saniflo System Works

The saniflo has a macerator that breaks up the human waste and toilet paper using a blade. This blade spins and in the process liquefies the waste and then break up the waste.

The water that will flush this into the system mixes with the waste and the pump forces the waste through the pipes into the drainage system or a local soil pipe.

The saniflo system pumps the waste into the nearest soil pipe. For instance, if you have a loft extension and your bathroom is located on the opposite side of the house to the soil stack, you need a saniflo system.

This would pump the waste and water to the soil stack across the house.

A saniflo unit is mostly installed when there is a distance between the toilet, bath, shower, or basin and the soil stack.

Contact Us

You can contact us 02071833921and our saniflo engineers will come and install a new system for you or repair any fault in your existing system.

You can also contact us at Emergency Plumber Chelsea for professional advice. We are happy to help!

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