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Kitchen Refurbishment Chelsea

Wouldn't it be nice to change that old and tired kitchen finish by respraying and refinishing it using Emergency Plumber Chelsea? Some kitchen looks unloved and cramped, but we can modernise your kitchen to have all the upgrades you need. Put a call across to Emergency Plumber Chelsea, and we will be right at your doorstep to lit up your kitchen.

You might be thinking it would be expensive to get your kitchen refurbished. The truth is, most homeowners do not have an idea of what kitchen refurbishment is about — which is why it may seem like an expensive task, but not to worry! At Emergency Plumber Chelsea, we can carry out your kitchen refurbishment at an affordable price.

Our services range from the replacement of kitchen units, installation of kitchen facilities, to completing an extension for more storage space; we have the ideas and the right tools to get your kitchen out of its old shape. You should call us on 020 71833921 today; let's make your dream kitchen into a reality.

From our years of experience on kitchen refurbishment, we understand that some homeowners would want a kitchen refurbishment but may be referring to a kitchen makeover thinking the two terms are the same. The point is, they are not the same thing. Let's show you the difference.

Kitchen Makeover Vs. Kitchen Refurbishment

A kitchen makeover has to do with the improvement in your kitchen cosmetics while a refurbishment involves getting an entirely new kitchen. These terms may seem interchangeable by people who do not have a comprehensive knowledge of kitchen aesthetics. However, these terms are different and do not mean the same thing.

So, What Exactly Is A Kitchen Makeover?

Your worktops and sinks could be making your kitchen feel tired, and you may want to change it. Perhaps you have built-in kitchen furniture, but your kitchen door looks way older, if you are concerned —What you need is a kitchen makeover!

Contact us at Emergency Plumber Chelsea, and we will set up your kitchen at a reasonable price.

Kitchen makeover does not take so much time to be carried out — It may take 1-3 weeks to carry out, and your kitchen will be looking good again. During a kitchen makeover you should expect:

  • A replacement of kitchen doors
  • A change of door handles
  • A new worktop and sink
  • A replacement of drawer fronts

Note that you can always choose from marble, granite, solid wood, or Formica worktop when replacing the old one. You can also get stainless steel or ceramic sink for a replacement. Whatever you certainly need or desire that is necessary for a kitchen makeover, you can rely on us to get it and carry out an excellent job.

From the explanation above, it is evident that your kitchen may not look sparkling new from a makeover, but the changes will be definitely worth the while as it would create a lot of difference from what you use to have. Also, the price of a kitchen makeover at Emergency Plumber Chelsea is reasonably affordable. So, do not let a low budget put you off.

Contact us on 020 71833921 to get started.

What to Expect In Kitchen Refurbishment

Refurbishing your kitchen may take more time than a kitchen makeover. This is because it involves getting a brand new kitchen to replace the worn-out one. Kitchen refurbishing is also known as a kitchen renovation. This procedure includes redesigning your kitchen to allow for the installation of modern kitchen appliances, more storage space, and new furniture.

You get a total upgrade of your kitchen during refurbishment. The following are to be expected:

  • Plastering of walls
  • Wall painting and decoration
  • Redesign of kitchen layout
  • A new flooring which could be tiled, wooden, or marble
  • Installation of new kitchen plumbing facilities
  • Fixing of new kitchen furniture like cupboards and worktops

We have a wide range of kitchen refurbishment plans you can choose from any time at Emergency Plumber Chelsea. Place a Call to us on 020 71833921 today.

Most of the time, you may not get 100% of all the changes outlined due to individual choice and budget. However, you can trust us to provide excellent kitchen refurbishment service — We have professionals who are skilled and trained to deliver top-notch service to our clients.

Emergency Plumber Chelsea

If you are looking for a reliable plumbing company in Chelsea, Emergency Plumber Chelsea is your go-to plumbing company. We provide excellent kitchen refurbishment services in Chelsea and its environs. So, if you are in Chelsea and you need to change that out-dated, and worn out kitchen, give us a call on 02071833921. Our team of professional kitchen fitters would get to you within the shortest time possible.

At Emergency Plumber Chelsea, we prioritise our clients choice and satisfaction always. You can always be sure of an excellent kitchen refurbishment services. So, if the unit under your sink needs to be changed due to damp, Emergency Plumber Chelsea is your go-to plumbing company. Give us a call today!

Is It Necessary To Refurbish Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen refurbishment depends on you, it is only optional for individuals to desire a different look and style for their kitchen, but a kitchen refurbishment is a necessity if one needs to actualise that desire. At Emergency Plumber Chelsea, we understand the height of functionality, convenience, and the satisfaction that comes with an excellent kitchen refurbishment in Chelsea — which is why we ensure top-notch service to our clients.

If you need your kitchen refurbished, do give us a call on 02071833921 today.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Incredible Comfort and Convenience

Everything new comes with a thrill! When you refurbish your kitchen, you raise the comfort level of your kitchen. Imagine what you can do with all the space, appliances, and furniture your renovated kitchen will provide. Taking out all that old furniture would create a clean cooking area and provide you with better airflow. You may argue that your kitchen is comfortable, but you can never tell how convenient it can be when it is renovated.

Give us a call today!

Greater Function

With the new kitchen appliances on the market these days, your kitchen can be transformed into a modern one. You can have all the assistance you want when you use these new appliances in preparing your meals. Not only that, you and your family can spend more time in the kitchen without complaining of less working space and poor ventilation.

Contact us today to have your kitchen refurbished.

Exciting Look

Your kitchen will look more appealing when you have new floors, walls, cabinets, and plumbing facilities. With a kitchen renovation, all that old and tired look will disappear and what you will have a brand new kitchen to enjoy. Who wouldn't love the smell and feel of working in a new kitchen? Of course, everyone does! So, let's get started with refurbishing your kitchen right away, place a call to us on 02071833921 now!

Why You Need Us

At Emergency Plumber Chelsea, our job is to make our clients dream kitchen a reality. From installations to helping you choose the desired look for your kitchen— we have got you covered, with our experienced team of kitchen fitters for the job you can be sure of excellent service.

We work closely with manufacturers and know the best of kitchen fixtures and fittings that can suit your needs. If you need quotes and estimates, we will gladly provide them for you.

Our professional kitchen fitters are friendly and helpful. You can be sure of all the support you need! Give us a call now!

How Much Will It Cost To Refurbish Your Kitchen?

The cost of kitchen refurbishment largely depends on your needs. So many individuals have different taste and what they expect for their kitchen. It is this choice that determines:

  • The type of kitchen furniture to be fixed
  • The kind of kitchen plumbing facility to be installed
  • Whether or not your kitchen would be redesigned
  • The type of painting and decoration for your kitchen

So, in estimating the cost of kitchen refurbishment we consider:

  • Your needs and choice
  • Cost of removing your old kitchen
  • The cost of all your new kitchen equipment
  • The working hours the job will take

Professional Kitchen Refurbishment

For the best of kitchen refurbishment services, we advise that you use a competent and professional kitchen fitter. A poorly refurbished kitchen may cost less initially, but the challenges that will arise later can be more expensive.

If you are in Chelsea and you need an excellent refurbishing job, call Emergency Plumber Chelsea for a professional finish that would leave you happy and satisfied. Our kitchen refurbishment services speak for itself. We always work within our clients budget to give you quality kitchen service.

Give us a call today!

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