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Gas Safety Testing & Certification In Chelsea

Regular gas testing is essential to ensure the safety of your home or workplace. So if you reside in Chelsea and your property is due for a gas safety test and certification, then make an appointment with Plumber Chelsea on 0207183392 and we will be right at your doorstep within the hour — Our engineers are available 24/7, and we are always willing to have your gas testing and certification carried out at your suitable time. 

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Gas Safety Testing Certification Services in Chelsea

Faults from gas fixtures and appliances can cause severe damages, which is why professional gas testing is compulsory in every home with gas fixtures and appliances.

Do not hesitate to get a well trained Engineer to carry out your gas testing and certification to ensure your gas fixtures and appliances are safe and working at optimum efficiency.

Request a quote from Plumber Chelsea today by calling us on 0207183392.

Gas Testing and Certifications for Landlords

As a property owner, you are advised to schedule regular gas testing and certification for all gas supply, boiler, gas appliances and flues. This check is recommended annually, and it is critically required if you have tenants.

Our engineers are highly-skilled well trained professionals; making them qualified to carry out your testing and issue you a CP12 certificate. It is required that your tenants receive this certificate within 28 days from the date of the testing if you are a property owner — New tenants must also be supplied this certificate when they move into your property.

At Plumber Chelsea, we try to make the gas inspection and certification as seamless and secure for our clients. If needed, we can also work together with your tenants during collection and returning of property keys, and we can also have the electronic copies of the CP12 sent directly to your email.

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Gas Testing and Certification for Homeowners

Having your gas appliances and chimneys inspected and certified by a well trained expert will ensure that all your appliances are working correctly, and it will help you avoid potential gas disasters.

After the gas testing, a certificate will be issued to you, giving a detailed and concise safety report of all gas appliances, pipework and flues installed in your home.

Give Plumber Chelsea a call today on 0207183392 to book an appointment for a gas testing.

Gas Testing and Certification for Tenants

Tenants are entitled to be given a current copy of the CP12 Gas Safety Record Certificate by the landlord at the time of moving into the property. Your landlord also must ensure that the gas testing is renewed annually, and a copy of the new certificate is supplied to you at the end of the testing.

What if you do not have a current CP12 certificate?

Where you do not have a CP12 certificate, you can always get in touch with your property's managing agent, or discuss with your landlord to have the CP12 certificate provided for you. If the gas testing has not been done, you can refer us to your landlord or managing agent, and we will have the check carried out in the shortest time possible, and the certificate issued to you once the inspection is done — We will also have a copy of the document sent to your landlord by email.

Do not take the safety of your gas fixtures and appliances for granted. Get in touch with Plumber Chelsea on 0207183392 if you need professional gas testing and certification in Chelsea and its environs.

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