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Bathroom Installation

Need an outdated bathroom fixture updated, or a full installation? Contact Plumber Chelsea today on 020 71833921. Our engineers are certified installers of all bathroom appliances and fixtures and are well experienced in providing quality bathroom installation service in Chelsea. Get a free quote from us today.

Bathroom Installation In Chelsea

Emergency Plumber Chelsea is a local based plumbing company in Chelsea with years of experience in delivering expert bathroom installation service to homes and commercial businesses. Our engineers are available 24/7 and will be pleased to supply a bathroom suite for you and have it installed correctly in the shortest time possible.

What If You Have Purchased A Bathroom Suite?

If you have purchased a suite, and only need a professional to have it fitted for you, then do not hesitate to contact Plumber Chelsea on 020 71833921. Our engineers will have your suite picked up from the shop if you choose, and have it installed in your home or workplace.

Expert Bathroom Fitters

Our plumbing team is not only fully-trained and experienced, but they are dedicated to offering you one of the best standards of bathroom installation service, and ensuring your bathroom refurbishment is finished on time without little hassle or inconvenience to you. We have an in-house project manager who will set your mind at ease by working round the clock to ensure that every aspect of your installation is done with care, and completed in the most efficient manner possible.

Regular customer service training of all our professional fitters ensures that they are friendly and considerate, and will listen to any concern you have about the installation. Our bathroom fitters are safety experts also and will make sure that all health and safety legislations are adhered to, and your installation finished without any additional damage to your home or the health of your family.

Get in touch with us in Chelsea today on 020 71833921, and our friendly team will be pleased to offer you a free quote and provide you with useful recommendations and advice concerning your project.

Process Of Bathroom Installation Chelsea

When we undertake a bathroom installation, our mission is to ensure the entire installation process is seamless, and your new bathroom is running efficiently; without any problems. We also try to finish your upgrade on time, so that you can enjoy all of its benefits as soon as possible. Get in touch with our expert bathroom fitters today on 020 71833921. We are just a phone call away!

Below, we list some of the steps taken by our professional bathroom fitters during your bathroom upgrade:

Customer Survey

A detailed customer survey of your home and present bathroom suite is the first step undertaken by our expert fitters. This survey is done to understand your specific needs, and to measure out the exact dimensions of your bathroom space, so we can help you pick a suite that will be a good fit. The survey will also enable us to understand the complexity of your work, and provide you with an accurate free ‘no obligation’ quote for your installation.

Our kitchen and bathroom fitters’ catalogues and brochures contain a range of modern and efficient bathroom suites from the leading brands. If you’ve had a suite picked from a brochure or catalogue, we will schedule an appointment and have the new suite delivered to you at your convenient time. Get in touch with us on 020 71833921 to request our kitchen and bathroom fitters’ catalogues or brochures.

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Removal Of Your Current Bathroom Suite

Once we complete our survey, our bathroom fitters will have your present bathroom suite taken off and sufficient room made to fit your new suite. This process will be carried out in an environmentally-friendly manner, so no damage is done to your bathroom floor or walls. We will have the water supply to the bathroom turned off, and all furniture, cabinets and blinds will be taken away.

We will have your existing waste pipes removed so that new pipes can go into its place to provide your new bathroom suite with clean and fresh water. All electrical fixtures will also be temporarily disconnected and capped off so that electrical shocks and accidents are prevented during the time of installation.

Carpet protectors will help us decrease the risk of falls and damages to your floor, and a skip will be utilised by our bathroom fitters, to ensure the installation site is kept tidy throughout your project.

Installation Of Your New Suite

Preparations will be made to have new supply pipes and waste pipes installed for your toilet, shower, bath, and basin. This will commence once your old bathroom has been successfully taken off. The new pipes will be set into the new bathroom suite and fixtures before they are subsequently installed.

Testing Of The Pipes And New Fixtures

The newly installed pipes and the bathroom suite and fixtures will be tested for any leaks. Our bathroom fitters will also carry out checks to ensure all taps and fixtures are level and functioning without any problems.

Restoration Of Walls And Floor

Once our fitters have confirmed that all fixtures and pipes are working correctly and that there are no leaks in the new pipework, your floors and your walls will be restored to their proper condition. All items such as your blinds and cabinets will be returned to their former places. Once we have completed this, your bathroom will be free for your use.

What Is The Cost Of A Bathroom Installation?

The cost of installing a new bathroom suite varies. The average basic bathroom installation cost begins at £4,500, but a number of conditions, such as the complexity of your work, and the size and shape of your bathroom, will determine how much you spend in installing your new suite.

If your installation work is more complex, maybe due to the larger size or shape of your bathroom, the cost of installation increases, because more materials and labour hours will be needed to complete the installation.

But we recommend you do not let the cost deter you from getting a qualified professional to have your new bathroom suite and fixtures supplied and installed for you. A good, professional installation will be more expensive at the onset, but it will save you the money and time of additional repairs or overhauling an improperly installed bathroom suite.

Emergency Plumber Chelsea has qualified experts who are capable of handling bathroom installations efficiently and in record time. Simply contact us on 020 71833921, and we would attend to you without delay.

How Long Does A Bathroom Installation Take?

The duration of your bathroom installation will depend on the amount and complexity of your upgrades. More complex installations require more time before they become ready for use. But here at Emergency Plumber Chelsea, we put a lot of effort into ensuring your new bathroom fixtures are completed to the highest quality standard and in the shortest possible time. Our fitters understand the benefits of a good bathroom, and so having your new bathroom suite installed in an efficient and timely manner is a priority to us.

If you need a professional bathroom installation in Chelsea or any surrounding area of London, Endeavour to give Plumber Chelsea a call today on 020 71833921. We are always glad to help!

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