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Burst Pipe Repair Services

It is better to prevent the damages a burst pipe could cause in your home. If you have a burst pipe, and you are ignoring it, you are certainly taking a risk. Do not allow your home to get damaged for something you could easily fix. Contact Emergency Plumber Chelsea today on 020 71833921 and get your burst pipes fixed immediately.

At emergency Plumber Chelsea, our qualified engineers are ready to come to your home to check out your pipes and control the situation. We have experienced plumbers who have previously handled burst pipes and are willing to assist you with yours. Contact us by calling 020 71833921 today and get the satisfaction you need.

What Does A Burst Pipe Entail

A burst pipe is a dreaded emergency. When a pipe gets damaged at home, the effect is usually immediate. One problem associated with a burst pipe is the instant mess it creates in the environment. To avoid such a problem, it is necessary to take precautions against a burst pipe.

What Causes Burst Pipe

No matter how infallible plumbing pipes and facilities seem to be, at some point, they get weak and develop faults. With continuous use over time, a pipe will weaken, split and burst, especially if it lacks proper maintenance. Generally, ageing is the main factor that causes a pipe to burst. When a pipe has exceeded its life span, it becomes subjected to pressure and is unable to withstand strong pressure, thereby causing its surface to rupture.

In some cases, tree roots could be the cause of the pipe burst. If the root of a tree grows toward the closest source of water, and the source is an underground pipe, the roots can crowd the pipe and cause it to rupture. Another thing that can lead to a pipe burst is an unprotected pipe in cold temperatures. During the formation of water to ice, there is an expansion process, and this expansion can cause a pipe to burst.

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Risks of a pipe burst in your home

When a pipe bursts in your home, the first concern is safety. A burst pipe can allow water flow into your home, sometimes affecting the main living area, depending on the position of the burst pipe. Water in the main living area can be destructive, as properties are liable to destruction.

Stagnant water can encourage the breeding of moulds and bacteria in the home, which is dangerous to health. Also, water and electricity do not go together. So if there is a leak in the home close to an electricity source, it could be hazardous.

Taking Actions

Sometimes, burst pipes occur in areas where they are not visible, so homeowners have to trace the source of the leaks and fix it. However, if a burst pipe occurs where you can see it, it is vital to contact a professional immediately. This is why it is essential to keep the number of a local plumber close.

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Emergency plumber Chelsea has a lot of well-trained plumbers. Our experience, excellent service, and affordability are part of our advantages. We have registered engineers who are approachable and always willing to help out. Contact Emergency plumber Chelsea today by calling 020 71833921 to receive excellent plumbing service. We are here to help!

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