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Pipework Replacement Chelsea

When Is It Right To Replace Your Pipeworks?

If a part of your home's plumbing fails, it could cause serious damage to your property and home aesthetics. It is a reality that pipe works fail overtime. This may be due to age, zero maintenance, unsteady temperatures, poor installation, or faulty pipe components.

You need to also come to terms with the fact that most pipe works are buried underground or behind walls. Thus, having a good knowledge of the service life of your plumbing and tell-tale signs of failure can help you know when the time is right to replace your household plumbing. Call Emergency Plumber Chelsea today to help you with replacing old pipes. Our phone number is 020 71833921.

What Material Is Your Pipe Made Of?

As a homeowner, you can access your pipework to determine what type of material your installed pipes are made of. We at Emergency Plumber Chelsea can help you with this assessment. With our experience in plumbing, we can easily tell you the type of piping material your pipes are made from. Call us today!

Note that for each material, there is a different expectation and problem. Upon the purchase of your home, an inspection or appraisal report containing details of the type of piping material in your home must have been given to you. Every pipe material has a service life as listed below:

  • PVC piping has an indefinite lifespan
  • Galvanised steel pipe lasts for 20 to 50 years
  • Cast iron lasts 75 to 100 years
  • Brass lasts 50 and above years

The above lifespans may look good, but you should put into consideration the pipe joints, pipe fittings, and mechanical components that join your plumbing to household fixtures.

Any fault or ageing of these fixtures plus a breach in pipe connections can cause water backups and leaks.

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The Tell-Tale Signs Of A Failing Plumbing

While there are many signs of plumbing that is gradually failing, the most prominent indicators of failure are pipe cracks, leaks or corrosion from pipe works.

Other signs include:

  • Rust-coloured water tubing
  • Warped or water-stained flooring
  • Wet baseboards or the section behind sinks or dishwasher

If you are experiencing any of these signs, do well to contact Emergency Plumber Chelsea for help. We can quickly replace your pipework and restore your plumbing before any damage is done.

Low water pressure could be a sign of a blocked drain or leaking from the fixture. When there's a gurgling or rattling sound coming from your pipework, it may indicate a pipe blockage that is trapping air. If you notice mould or dampness in an enclosed area or crawl spaces, it could be that a pipe is leaking. Having a slow-moving drain can also be a sign of pipe blockage. This can be handled with either a drain cleaner or plumber's snake.

Call your plumber if you are seeing these signs. If you've got no plumber, you can call us at Emergency Plumber Chelsea. It is our duty to deal with plumbing issues.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Pipework?

Cleaning a blocked pipe, replacing faulty plumbing fixtures, pipe connectors, and visible pipes are tasks that may not require the service of a plumber. However, bear in mind that if the problem involves pipes buried under the ground or behind a wall, there will be a need for demolition and repair of floors and walls.

As a guide, it is advisable to replace your home's plumbing when you refurbish your bathroom, basement, or kitchen. If there are no apparent signs of a water leak, you can save cost by replacing only the visible pipes. Be that as it may, if walls will be demolished, check out concealed pipeworks to know if they need fixing or replacement.

If your project seems to be complicated, have the phone number of a good plumber at hand.

You can call Emergency Plumber Chelsea. Our phone number is 020 71833921. We are good at replacing pipeworks for domestic and commercial buildings. We have the latest plumbing technology, tools, and highly trained personnel to perform pipe repairs and replacement. Why not call us today. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.

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