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How to Unclog a Toilet with Plunger

Blocked toilet? Don’t fret! We know how devastating and embarrassing it could be to see your toilet filled with human waste or with frequent abnormalities. Imagine having a blocked toilet when you have guests around or when you are running late for an appointment. Indeed, there is no considerable discomfort than this.

Well, before you start fidgeting, with a little ingenuity, a blocked toilet is nothing to cry over and can be easily fixed. If you experience any form of difficulty when trying to unblock your toilet, you can visit us at Emergency Plumber Chelsea, to get your toilet drain unblocked. Regardless, here are some few guidelines on how to unblock a toilet.

Get a plunger

This may sound a little basic, but it is still an amazing way to easily unblock your toilet. Having a plunger makes a lot of difference, and specifically, a plunger with a flange or ball as they are quite beneficial for blocked toilets. They have bell-shaped rubber, with a contoured bottom which can easily fit inside the toilet bowl to make a tight vacuum seal. However, in case you are considering getting a new plunger, avoid the regular plunger with a flat bottomed shaped, which are often suctioned to a wooden or plastic handle, as they are specially designed for flat surface area, like your sink or tub. This type of plunger can rarely make a good seal, especially in a toilet bowl that appears in a round-like shape.

How do I clean my toilet with a plunger?

Put the plunger into the backed-up toilet bowls, and push down slightly and gently. The first push is often geared towards getting rid of the air. Care should be taken when pushing the plunger, as a forceful attempt can splash the water on you. After you have been able to have a good seal, you can now forcefully pump the plunger upward and downward, while maintaining the seal. Lastly, pull the plunger out sharply to break the air seal. After doing this, the water should be able to run freely down the drain. Nevertheless, you can repeat the process continues until the blockage is loosened up.

Using a Plumbing snake

A plumbing snake is an essential tool for every homeowner, as they can also be used to unblock the toilet. Avoid the use of some regular plumbing snakes that can easily damage or scratch the surface of the toilet. However, the use of special plumbing snake, also referred to as auger can quickly unblock your toilet.

How to use it

Place the snake into the toilet bowl, while slowly turning the handle in a clockwise direction. Rewind the snake when you feel resistance. If the blockage is loosened up, you can flush the toilet. If otherwise, rewind the snake to repeat the process until the blockage is entirely loosened.

Call an Emergency plumber

This might appear simple, but it is the easiest and most reliable way to unblock your toilet, especially for severe cases. However, calling a plumber in Chelsea is the best solution for a fixture problem that gets blocked frequently.

We are ever willing to help you, call us now on 020 71833921 for all your plumbing work.



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