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5 Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leakages are not uncommon today. Most little leakages that occur don’t just occur because they want to; they occur because there is a bigger problem. Plumbing can leak because of so many reasons and a few of them will be discussed below.

Your plumbing leaks can occur due to any of the following reasons:

  1. The pressure exerted by the water

There are different types of pipes, and these pipes have different strengths when it comes to resisting the pressure of water. The weaker pipes will leak easily because they have a lesser ability to withstand water pressure. Pipes that have great strengths can only stand the pressure of water for a while because the more water hits the pipe, the more the pipe loses its strength. Depending on the pressure of water and the age of your pipe, you will notice leakages at some point. It may be little droplets, or the pipes may even burst open.

  1. Corroding pipes

When pipes are over-aged, they start to rust. This rust eats up the pipes slowly till openings are finally made. These openings give room for the water to leak out. You can detect corrosion in your pipes when you notice a change in the colour of your water or the pipes themselves. We advise that you change your plumbing if it has lasted up to 30 years or more.

  1. Change in temperature

A change in temperature can cause metal pipes to undergo some slight changes in their sizes. During intense cold, the metal pipes tend to contract, and during intense heat, they expand. When these temperature changes are sharp, it puts your pipes at the risk of leaking, cracking or bursting.

  1. Damage of the seals

Seals are water-resistant materials that are usually placed on your pipes during the installation of your plumbing system. They are usually fixed in places where there are connections to fixtures, e.g. sink. Time has a way of doing its work on these seals so they may not last as long as other parts of the plumbing system. Degradation in the seals causes a leakage around the appliances they were connected to.

  1. Blockage of the pipes

Though this is a problem of its own, it is also an indication that there is something wrong. Most times, the materials causing the blockage can have some corrosive components that can rust your pipes and make them leak.

When you have leakages that you cannot trace the cause or find the solution, it is advised that you speak with our experts so your issue can be handled professionally. We the Emergency Plumber Ealing are here for you, and you can find us around your locality here.

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