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New Boiler Installation in Ealing

The boiler in our homes is an ever-present fixture put into daily use. It helps with hot water supply all year round that it feels like a fault will never surface. Unfortunately, boiler faults are inevitable, and when they occur, they leave no stone unturned in making the atmosphere unbearable. Imagine, having cold water coming out from the hot tap or having a cold bath on a snowy morning.

To prevent that from happening, it's better to hire a professional Plumber to repair as soon as the fault surfaces or better still get a replacement if the fault seems to re-occur shortly after repair. If you need to change an existing boiler, ditch the DIY approach as boiler installations are very technical. Instead, hire the hands of a professional plumbing company like Emergency Plumber to help with Installation of your new boiler in Ealing.

Our Plumbers are Gas-Safe registered and take strict measures to ensure the life of you, and your household isn't endangered in any way. Our services stretch to odd hours of the night and even during the weekends when a handyman is out of reach. We're never overwhelmed by the nature of the task at hand.

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Why You Should Always Hire A Professional Plumber To Carry out Boiler Installation

If you've had few success in installing a tap or repairing leaks, you're bound to be a bit confident about installing a boiler. However, you should know that boiler Installation is more complicated than all the fixtures previously mentioned. A slight mistake might endanger the life of you and your household, not to mention the expenses that might arise if anything goes wrong.

A handyman might come cheap, but there's no guarantee that the Installation will be in line with all the gas safe regulations, making a plumbing company like ours your only guarantee. Once you get in touch with us on 020 31375785, an inspection will be carried out, and you will be given a quote that outlines how much it will take to get the Installation done

Your Plumber For Installation Of All Boilers Brand

Emergency Plumber has professionals all around Ealing that are highly versatile and capable of installing boilers from different brands — Vaillant or Worcester Bosch. Our boiler services are specially tailored to meet the needs of each brand.

You can trust us to carry out the successful installation on modern boilers as well as those manufactured decades ago.

Steps Involved In Installation

Gone are the days when one-on-one appointments had to be booked. Our Installation service usually involves three easy steps. First, you have to book an appointment with us for inspection. A quote will be further issued and if all goes well, a date of your convenience will be booked for our engineers to come and carry out the Installation.

Boiler Installation Process

After booking an appointment, our engineer will offer you a no-obligation quote to inform you of the cost implications. If you are okay with the cost implications, our gas safe engineer will come down to your location to install your new boiler.

Reduce Expenses When You Hire Us

When it comes to installation of heating appliances in Ealing, most customers are cautious about spending more than what they budget. With us, you have nothing to worry about. Our rates are competitive, and we also help you source for all the equipment needed while you concentrate on other issues.

We're affiliated with top manufacturers which includes Vaillant And Worcester Bosch. This ensures all the equipment sourced on your behalf is gotten at a wholesale rate.

No Hidden Charges

We're diplomatic in our approach. We have a reputation for not breaching our rules; hence, you won't be charged more than what you ought to pay. There are no-obligation fees, and the charges are the same, regardless of whether the installation is done at the dead of your night or during the day.

Duration for New Boiler Installation In Ealing

Installing a new boiler doesn't take anything more than 3 days, but it could be less. We understand the role played by a boiler in preserving the comfort of your household; this is why we strive to ensure all installations are carried out at record time.

When you hire us for installations in your home, rest assured that our engineer will do everything possible to guarantee your boiler is in good condition for long. Our Installation is usually backed by a one year warranty, meaning you can call on us whenever anything goes wrong. To ensure for a smooth job output, the installation process is overseen by a project manager whose job is to ensure no error occurs.

Emergency Boiler Installation

If you have an urgent plumbing need, our engineer will get across to you quickly within an hour of contacting us. We will speak with you to know the result to expect as well as how much is required to carry out a neat job. Before every project, a quote is presented and detailed to ensure additional fees aren't added.

Our charges are not charged by the hour, hence, if an installation isn't carried out the same day an appointment is booked, we do not leave empty-handed. To ensure you never have to cope with bathing with cold water for long, a short-term immersion heater will be installed to satisfy your household's demand for hot water.

Free Estimates

Emergency Plumber offers free estimates to all our clients. You won't be charged for requesting an estimate online as this is a way of measuring what the final quote will look like. In addition to Installation, Emergency Plumber also carries out the repairs on all plumbing components. You can call us on 020 31375785 if you have a Leaky pipe, an overflowing toilet or require fault finding services.

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Our lines are always open. Regardless of what time of the day it's, our services extend to public holidays as well as weekends. All installations and repairs from our company are covered by warranty, making it less risky if you decide to hire us for the first time.

Say goodbye to all your plumbing woes when you call us today!

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rating star icon LondonHired them to install my new boiler. They did the work quickly and I am really happy with their work. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for boiler installation.<

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