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Boiler Repairs In Ealing

Having a faulty boiler can be inconveniencing, especially during winter. After a hard day’s work, you certainly do not want any hindrance to a hot shower and perfect heating. If you are within or around Ealing in London, then we have good news for you. Emergency Plumber offers heating services in Ealing and has skilled engineers who have undergone specialised training to ensure that our customer’s needs are adequately met.

Contact Emergency Plumber, if your boiler is faulty; from broken components to full replacement, our engineers will be at your service to help you fix the problem professionally.

Reliable Services

Everyone needs reliable services. At Emergency Plumber, our engineers are well trained and competent to carry out different boiler repairs. We understand the danger involved in boiler repairs; therefore, we ensure that we provide quality services.

Are you experiencing difficulties with your boilers? Are you in need of a reliable boiler repair company that can provide quality services? Choose Emergency Plumber today, and contact us on 020 31375785.


Nobody wants an unavailable company. At Emergency Plumber, we pride ourselves on being readily available to our customers. Our services are available for 24- hours of the day in seven days, therefore, you can always book an appointment with us even during the holidays and weekends. Also, we understand that emergencies can come up at any time; for this reason, we ensure our phones lines are always available to take distress calls during the day and night.

If you have a boiler repair emergency, do not hesitate to contact Emergency Plumber on 020 31375785.

Service Guarantee

In addition to our quality services, we at Emergency Plumber, offer a 12-month guarantee on the services carried out by our engineers. It may please you to know that we always get good reviews from our customers, as we never leave them unsatisfied with our job.

How Do You Determine When Your Boiler Needs A Repair Or Replacement?

Some issues that arise in boilers are as a result of a simple breakdown of a particular component, and may not require a total replacement. However, you need to consider the age of the facility and the number of times you have experienced problems with it in the past.

Most issues require proper servicing and change of components. If your boiler is old, and you are out of warranty, we recommend replacement to a modern model, as this may be more cost-effective than frequent repairs.

Do You Need A Boiler Repair Or Replacement?

Our boiler repair professionals at Emergency Plumber can always check to see if your boiler needs repair or a replacement. Contact Emergency Plumber in Ealing today by calling us on 020 31375785. We can help you ascertain just what is needed to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Some common boiler problems we have encountered over the years include;

  • Frozen condensate pipe
  • Low boiler pressure
  • Faulty pilot light
  • Frequent banging sounds
  • Leaking boilers
  • Faulty thermostats.

Our experienced engineers are familiar with boiler-related problems, and we can assure you of a quality repair service. If you are experiencing any issue with your boilers, you do not have to continue struggling with it. Contact Emergency Plumber, Ealing today on 020 31375785, and we will be at your service.

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