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Boiler Servicing West London

Regular and professional servicing of boiler is an effective way to inspect for any potential fault, and service parts within it before it result to a major break down or possibly pose a safety risk. Boiler servicing ensures that the boiler works effectively and efficiently and last for a more extended period as well as prevent expensive repair cost.

If you’re in West London and want to service your boiler and prevent boiler breakdown, call Emergency Plumber on 020 34752302. We offer fast, efficient, and professional boiler servicing in the area.

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Brands of Boilers We Service

We service different kinds of boiler services, including Valliant, Oil, and Worcester boilers. Our team offer boiler servicing on the following:

  • Ariston
  • Alpha
  • Biasi
  • Baxi
  • Ideal
  • Potterton
  • Viessmann
  • Valliant
  • Worcester Bosch
  • Worcester brand boilers and many others not listed above.

When you call Emergency Plumber, you’re sure that

  • well trained profesionals will service your boiler
  • Your boiler will be serviced according to the approved industry standards
  • You will be appropriately treated because we put our customers’ first and take pride in our customers’ satisfaction.

Call us today for your boiler servicing, and we will not disappoint you.

Our Boiler Services

Our boiler servicing covers an array of tasks to make sure that the job is done properly and your boiler functions effectively.

To ensure that our customers get excellent servicing on their boilers to functions well, we offer two types of boiler servicing. These services include:

  • Standard Boiler Servicing and,
  • Plus Boiler Servicing.

Standard Boiler Servicing

The rate of our standard boiler servicing starts at £95 +VAT. In this type of boiler servicing, our well trained engineers will first inspect your boiler, the components, and controls of your heating system. This is necessary to check if the central heating system and boiler, in particular, is working properly. During the check,

  • Our engineers will look for any corrosion or leak both inside and outside the boiler.
  • They will confirm if the seal of the boiler is tight and replace it when necessary to prevent gas leak.
  • The heat exchanger and ignition are inspected
  • Flue analyser test is conducted to ensure the burner and combustion are adequate.

Plus Boiler Servicing

Our Plus boiler servicing starts from £105 +VAT. This servicing includes all the steps carried out in the Standard service and the following:

  • Inspection of the valves and radiators to make sure that there are no leaks.
  • Draining the radiators to help maintain the right pressure and ensure they heat properly.
  • Replacement of old fluid if necessary.
  • Finally, we will issue you an Emergency Plumber key.

Annual Boiler Service Maintenance in West London

A faulty boiler is unsafe because it may discharge carbon (II)oxide, colourless and odourless gas that is dangerous to the health. The colourless and odourless nature of the gas makes it difficult to detect. A faulty boiler can also overwork other components of your heating system, which can cause your heating bills to be on the high side.

All these issues make servicing your boiler annually a necessity. Just servicing your boiler is not enough, but getting a professional and a well trained engineer to do the work is also important.

We are that plumbing company you can trust in West London to carry out an excellent annual boiler maintenance service.

DIY Boiler Checks

Close observation on your boiler enables you to notice when a fault develops and ensure it remains in a safe working condition.

We have put together a list of boiler safety checks that you can perform in your home at any time. They are:

  • Install an alarm and smoke detector in the same room as the boiler and check it regularly to ensure it has not developed a fault.
  • Install a carbon(II)oxide detector near your boiler and ensure it is always functioning.
  • Always inspect the boiler’s water level and check if it is at an adequate level. The water in the boiler helps it work properly. By topping the water in the boiler, you can prevent a lot of boiler issues.
  • Check the pressure and temperature of the boiler for any significant change. If there is one such as a drop in temperature or pressure, contact a professional to get it fixed immediately. When you call us, our engineers will come and find the cause of the pressure or temperature drop and fix it without delay.
  • Always refer back to the manufacturer’s handbook when a problem arises as it contains basic information about the boiler and essential troubleshooting tips. It is advised to keep your manufacturer’s handbook in a safe place, where it will not get lost or damaged and can easily be found whenever the need arises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most persons ask some questions regarding our annual and one-off boiler servicing. These frequently asked questions include:

What Brands Of Boiler Do Your Engineers Service?

Our well trained engineers are qualified to service different kinds of boilers, as mentioned above. The model of the boiler doesn’t matter. Call us, and we will service it for you.

What Type Of Boilers Do You Repair?

Our engineers are professionally trained and skilled to handle repairs of different boiler types, including regular, electric, combi, gas, and conventional boilers.

How Often Should I Service My Boiler?

To ensure the boiler works efficiently and also meet the guarantee obligation regular requirement of boiler services, we recommend that boiler service should be done at least once a year.

How Much Does Your Boiler Servicing Cost?

We offer two types of boiler servicing as aforementioned. For the standard servicind, the cost starts from £95 +VAT while that of the Plus servicing which is the complete type of services, the starts from £105 +VAT.

You can always contact us if you have more questions and concerns.

Prevent your boiler from breaking down entirely. Get a professional gas registered engineer to inspect it. If you reside in West London and you need to service your boiler, do not hesitate to call Emergency Plumber on 020 34752302. We are professionally trained, licensed and insured to carry out professional boiler repair and servicing.

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