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Boiler Servicing In North London From As Low As £95+Vat

Let us be the company that carries out the annual servicing of your boiler in North London. We are experts at making boilers run efficiently and effectively.

Why Service Your Boiler?

Servicing a boiler regularly is one of the best ways to maintain a boiler. It will help keep the boiler from developing some unnecessary faults and giving you unwanted stress. The ills of having a frequently faulty boiler can easily be avoided by regular boiler servicing.

Emergency Plumber has a team of well trained engineers in North London who are always ready to help you service your boilers. Our boiler service team are very experienced and well equipped for the servicing of any model or brand of boilers. We service the oil and Worcester boilers, Valliant boilers and others to ensure you and your family never run short of heat and hot water.

Servicing a boiler is usually a great way to reduce cost. Since a proper servicing reduces the rate at which a boiler breaks down, it will help the owner pocket the money that could have been used for the repair of such boiler. Who wouldn’t value such? Boiler servicing also helps one to have a free mind knowing that he/she will not be disappointed by the boiler when it is most needed.

Servicing of Worcester and Valliant Boilers

We do not only service Worcester and Valliant boilers; our boiler servicing extends to other brands like Ariston, Alpha, Biasi, Baxi, Ideal, Potterton, Viessman, Worcester Bosch and the others.

Hiring us means your boiler will be serviced by experts who are also well trained engineers who will ensure all industry standards are observed. If during any issue is discovered during the servicing of your boiler, they will report it.

It is our pride to service the boilers of our clients yearly. This helps us care for our clients and their comfort. Because of our services to our customers, we have been recognised by Trustpilot and have earned referrals from many of our customers.

Now, we service boilers from prices as low as £95+VAT. If you want to benefit from this low boiler servicing price of ours, contact us now on 020 34752302 and get for yourself a suitable appointment.

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Our Boiler Services Packages

Our boiler services cover so many tasks that will help your boiler run smoothly and safely. It will interest you to know that we even run two levels of boiler servicing: the standard and the plus. As you read on, you will get to understand these two and the differences between them.

Our standard boiler service

The price of our standard boiler service begins from a price as low as £95+VAT. With this package, you will have our well trained engineers perform the following on your boiler:

  • The inspection of your boiler with the other components and their controls to be sure they are working just like they should
  • Checking for signs of corrosion and leakages
  • The inspection of the heat exchanger, ignition which is most needed for the running of your boiler
  • A flue analyser test which is usually performed to ensure that the pressure of the burner and its combustion is enough.

You can obtain a free quote from us — dial 020 34752302.

Our plus boiler service

The price of our plus boiler service begins from £105+VAT. The plus package usually includes every task performed in the standard services and the following:

  • The inspection of your radiator valves so that leaks can be accounted for and treated
  • Draining of your radiators so that proper pressure can be maintained. The new fluid will be used to replace the old fluid if need be.
  • Ensuring that all the radiators are producing enough heat.
  • You will be offered a radiator key.

Contact us now on 020 34752302 to obtain a free quote.

We Service And Maintain Boilers Yearly

When a boiler starts to develop some faults, it can cause a colourless and odourless but very dangerous gas called carbon monoxide to seep out of it. This gas is very dangerous and has cost many their lives. When this gas starts leaking from a boiler in the home, there are usually very little or no chances that it will be noticed during the day to day activity because it is odourless and colourless.

A boiler can start working harder than it should because of one fault; this usually causes the other parts of the boiler to become faulty too if the issue is not handled immediately. This also causes an increase in energy bills. Because of all these, we advise you get your boiler serviced yearly by a well trained engineer so that its rate of breaking down will be significantly reduced.

All our engineers are well trained and have proven themselves to be trustworthy. With our engineers, you can sleep peacefully without being worried about the dreadful gas work done by some unqualified bunch who call themselves engineers.

If you did not know, the Gas Safe Register is an official group in the UK which was formed to shield the public from the risky jobs of unqualified engineers and also help people recognise them. Every competent engineer is well trained.

Some DIY boiler checks for a more effective boiler

You can know if your boiler is working safely and effectively by paying a bit more attention to it. To help you with this, we have laid out some safety check-up rules for your boiler, which you can easily do without needing the help of a professional.

They are:

  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector with an alarm near your boiler and regularly check them to be sure they are still functioning properly.
  • In the room where your boiler is, install a smoke detector and an alarm and regularly perform a test on them to be sure they are working properly.
  • Take out time to carefully go through the handbook provided by the manufacturer and graciously follow the recommended checks. Always have the handbook handy so that you can offer it to the engineer who will come to service the boiler.
  • Look after the water levels and ensure they do not fall below the accurate level. This accurate water level ensures your boiler works effectively. If you notice the water has dropped, add more water so that it does not get to affect the functioning of your boiler.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature and pressure of your boiler. If you notice a significant change like a drop in the temperature or pressure, call the number 020 34752302 to draw our attention to the happening. We will send in our professional engineers to immediately solve the problem.

By performing these checks and getting your boiler serviced yearly, you will have a highly effective and efficient boiler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients have asked so many questions with regards to our boiler servicing offer. We love to share these questions with you.

What brand and model of boiler do your well trained engineers service?

Our well trained engineers are experts at servicing almost every model and brand of boilers. Some of the boiler brands we service include Ariston, Alpha, Biasi, Baxi, Ideal, Potterton, Viessmann, Valliant, Worcester and Worcester Bosch. Contact us, and we will deliver our services to you no matter the model and brand of your boiler.

What are the types of boilers do your well trained engineers service?

Our well trained engineers have all the required skills and tools to service many boiler types which include electric boiler, combi boilers, gas boilers, conventional boilers and the regular boiler.

How often should I service my boiler?

We recommend boilers to be serviced at least once a year. This will ensure your boiler runs effectively without giving you so much of a headache. This will make your boiler safe and will also help you meet the requirement for your warranty and guarantee to hold.

What is the cost of your boiler service?

We have two packages for our boiler service: the standard and the plus. The standard annual boiler services start from £95+VAT and are usually recommended for boilers that do not need full servicing. If your boiler needs full servicing, we will recommend the plus whose price usually starts from £105+VAT.

If you are in North London and you will like us to service your Worcester, boiler, Valliant boiler, oil boiler and even your commercial boiler, call us on 020 34752302.

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