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Blocked Toilets in Central London

A blocked toilet is unhygienic and causes a lot of disruption and discomforts in the home. It is a problem that has to be resolved as quickly as possible, to prevent it from worsening as time goes on, and that can make a home unlivable. It is advisable to leave the job to professionals to avoid a future accumulated problem and high cost of repairs.

Emergency Plumber carries out professional services on blocked toilets and other related plumbing problems like blocked drains. Our teams are licensed and professionally trained with years of experience; you can trust us to fix the problem professionally within 24-hours. Reach out to us on 02034752302, and we also offer emergency services. We are available at any time of the day.

At Emergency Plumber, we value our customers’ lives and comfort, and we make sure that we deliver quality services to our customer’s satisfaction.

What Causes Blocked Toilets?

A blocked toilet is common in most homes. Several factors cause a blocked toilet and here are the most common of them.

  • Disposing of the used sanitary pad, condom, diapers and baby wipes; these are items that do not dissolve; therefore, they block the toilet.
  • Flushing cotton boards in the toilet; This is a material that absorbs, and with time, buildup in the pipeline.
  • Kids that throw their play tools, e.g. toys, into the toilet.

In general, flushing down things or objects that are not supposed to be flushed blocks the toilet and if not unblocked, can lead to worst cases.

Our professional plumbers in Central London will find the root cause of the problem, and use the right tools and apply the most suitable technique to fix the problem.

We Offer Emergency Service

We are available 24-hours of the day throughout the days of the week, this means, you can call us at any time of the day your toilet develops a fault. We respond quickly to emergency call-outs and are always prepared.

All our vans are stocked with the needed equipment and ready to move, and all our plumbers are based in central London and are available 24/7.

Why Should You Contact Us?

We do professional work at an affordable price, and there are no hidden charges. We put ourselves in your shoes and will never take advantage of your problems.

All our plumbers in central London are well trained, certified and experienced, and we can handle different types of plumbing related problems.

If you have blocked toilets or any other plumbing-related problems, as well as an emergency plumbing problem; call us on 02034752302, and we will be right there to offer professional solutions.

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