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Gas Safety and Certificates in London

Have you heard of gas testing and certification? Have you carried out yours and do you have your current certificate handy? If you don’t know about this or you haven’t gotten yours done, read along to get yourself exposed to what a gas testing and certificate is all about.

What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas safety certificate is a document that proves that all your gas appliances in your property have been inspected to ensure that your gas pipes, flues, and every gas appliance is working properly. This inspection usually poses no risk as it is always carried out by a gas safe registered engineer.

The need for this inspection is to ensure the safety of your home since safety has always been an issue where gas and its appliances are involved. With this, it is important to always have a gas testing and certification by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Have you made up your mind to get your gas tested? Let us do it for you. Call us at 020 3475 2302 to help you go through the London gas testing and certification. This will help keep your home safe. You can book an appointment today with us so the testing can be carried out in your home for your convenience.

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The Following People need gas Testing

1. Landlords

If you own a property that you are willing to rent, or you have rented already, it is lawfully required that you check your gas supply, boiler, appliances, and flues so that they can be certified.

We are Gas Safe Registered Gas Engineers. This means that we have the authority to carry out this inspection and to issue you the CP12 certificate that you must provide your tenants in not more than 28 days of the inspection, or immediately they move into the house. It is important that you keep a copy of this gas safety certificate with you.

2. Homeowners

Owners of homes are to ensure their gas, chimneys, and flues are safe and operating at their best. It is your duty as a homeowner to get everything certified by an expert gas safe engineer so that you can be offered with the certificate (CP12) to serve as a proof that your gas pipework, flues, and gas appliances are safe. This certificate is usually personalized for your home as it carries the details of the pipework and other appliances installed in your property.

At EPL, we safely carry out a gas inspection for you and issue to you a Homeowner’s Gas Safety Certificate which is the CP12 so you can be relaxed to go about your normal daily activities with ease and peace of mind.

3. Tenants

As a person living in a rented house, you deserve to be provided with a valid copy of the CP12 gas safety record certificate immediately to move into the premises. The copy of CP12 provided for you must be current as your landlord must renew this certificate. For the duration of your tenancy in that property, you deserve every new copy of the CP12 after every renewal.

What to do if you notice any leakage

If you notice any gas leakage or any other strange happening that is related to gas in the property that has been rented to you, get the landlord or letting agent know immediately. Also, ensure the engineer carrying out the check has a gas safe card which is proof that he is registered and approved to carry out the check.

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Avoid unpleasant occurrences by hiring a professional

It is better for you to have your gas and its appliances checked to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant experiences. You should do it now, the delay is dangerous.

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