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A central heating control regulates the room temperature by measuring the temperature of the air that is around it and adjusting the heating system so that the desired temperature is always obtained.

For thermostats and central heating systems to be accurate at providing the temperatures you so desire 24 hours every day, it must be of high quality. There are smart thermostats that have the ability to adjust their heating systems to adapt to the environment and no matter the changes that are present in it. Our well trained and experienced engineers at Emergency Plumber London can help you install and bring all your dreams about your thermostats to become a reality.

The types of central heating control

There are different types of heating controls. These heating controls have various features, and it may not be possible for your system to possess all of them. These different types are

  • The programmers/timers
  • Room thermostats
  • Hot water cylinder thermostats
  • Thermostat radiator valves
  • The smart heaters

The programmers/timers

This part of the heating system helps you in controlling when the heating and the hot water goes on and off. This will help schedule heating according to your needs. This means you can choose to keep it off if you won’t be sleeping at home.

The room thermostats

These thermostats are usually found in the sitting room or hallway. It helps in monitoring the house temperature and sends signals to the boiler so that the boiler can switch off the house when hot as it is wanted to be.

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Most people find their comfortable temperature to be between 180C and 210C while some need their homes to be warmer than 210C. The choice of temperature depends on their health challenges or age.

Some modern thermostats have a combination of the timer and room thermostat. They allow you to set different temperatures for different times of the day.

Hot water cylinder thermostats

This thermostat enables you to regulate the temperature of the hot water used in the home by switching off the power supply to the boiler when the temperature that was required has been achieved. They help in saving cost and avoiding the wastage of energy that is associated with over-heating your water.

Thermostatic radiator valves

These radiator valves allow the temperature of the room to be controlled by regulating the rate by which water flows through the radiator. They help you set the radiator of the part of the house you will be using more often at high and the part you will be using less at low.

Radiators should not be kept off for weeks or more because very cold rooms can cause it to become damp or develop mould. We advise you to set the radiators in the room you don’t want to use at low and keep the door shut so that the heat from the warm room does not find itself in there.

Smart heating controls

There are apps that help you control your heating system with the use of a smartphone or tablet. They are called smart heating controls. They help you regulate your temperature from wherever you are so far as you are connected to the internet. This heating control enables you to readjust your temperature if you have a change of plans.

Maintaining your central heating controls

There are different types of thermostats, and despite the one you use, itis always very important to keep it in good shape if it must play out its role well and for a long time in your home. There is routine maintenance that must be carried out on some elements in your system. These elements include the boiler radiators, the heating pump and every other connection and fixture of the system.

The maintenance is best carried out by an engineer. This is so because he will be able to inspect the system closely and diagnose the problems of the system, future threats, damages, other issues, and their possible solutions. If you are in need of an engineer to do this for you, locate us at your neighbourhood here.

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