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Boiler Repair and Fault Finding in London

Do not hesitate to reach us today on 02034752302 if you are having problems with your boiler. We offer reliable and professional services at an affordable rate, and we are the leading emergency plumbing service provider in London.

Just call us, tell us what the problem is, and give us your home address, we will be there as soon as possible to help resolve the issue or tell you what to do over the phone.

The boiler keeps everyone in your home warm and comfortable; it also produces hot water for bathing, cooking, and even laundry. A boiler makes life easy. Even though you take proper care of a boiler and handle it the way it should be, it can still develop faults and give you problems. The reason this happens is that with continuous use, a boiler starts breaking down and loses its level of efficiency gradually.

That’s why we are here to help you repair your boiler, check for faults, and give you expert advice on how to maintain your boiler. This will help your appliance run all year round.

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If your boiler stops working entirely, it is malfunctioning, or you feel something is not right with it, feel free to call us today, and we will be right there to resolve it and make your home warm and comfortable again.

We have a team of well trained and highly qualified engineers, we have years of experience in this industry that makes us stand out from the rest, and we offer the best of services that meet a very high standard.

We are gas safe registered, and all your work and repairs are carried out by trained professionals only. We can resolve and handle all kinds of plumbing problems.

Signs You Need a Boiler Repairer

Your boiler needs repair and fault finding service when you notice any of these signs below.

  • When the pressure dial on the front keeps dropping way too low. The standard reading should be 1.0 to 1.5 bar when the heating is off.
  • When your water is too hot or too cold suddenly
  • When your boiler is unable to differentiate between turning the hot water on or off.
  • When the pilot light keeps going off
  • When strange clanking sounds are coming from the boiler
  • When water constantly drips from the pipe that comes from behind the boiler from the outside wall.

The Importance of Boiler Fault Finding

Fault finding service is essential as it helps us to know the source of your boiler’s problem and that alone is half of the solution. As a team of expert engineers, we will identify the root cause by the signs and symptoms your boiler is displaying and repair it by even exchanging components according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We have intimate knowledge of how boilers work and of the different types of boilers, and we also understand all the faults.

The Importance of Professional Boiler Repairs

The boiler is an important asset to have in a home; it provides heat, comfort, and hot water, and therefore, it is very wise to only give your boiler to professionals for repairs.

Professional engineers know how your boiler works, how it connects into the plumbing system, the different types and brands, the manufacturers, and the proper equipment and tools to use for repairs and fault finding.

We have professional engineers and provide the best services. We also have a good reputation which we’ve built over the years, and we will do anything to protect our name and self-esteem.

All our engineers carry all the necessary tools, and we can fix any problem on the spot. If your boiler needs specific parts, we will get them quickly and our main aim is to get your boiler back on that same day you call us.

We have accredited installers for major brands and manufacturers, we are very familiar with all the workings of all types of boilers, ranging from the newest model to those made 20 years back and every repair we make is guaranteed.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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rating star iconThey are just great professional from the beginning till the end. My kitchen and bathroom looked amazing and it was quite inexpensive than all other quotes I got. They completed the job well ahead of schedule. Highly recommended!

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Florin Costea

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rating star iconHad a great experience with Ali. My boiler broke and he came the very same day. I required a section changed and he ordered the parp for me and looked through it online to spare me some cash. He returned two days after to fix the new part. Would recommend.

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James Kweka

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Remember to Run Regular Maintenance

The best preventive method to keep your boiler up and working regularly is regular maintenance. This prevents you from spending heavily on repairs and water damage.

We can set up a regular maintenance schedule for you if you ask us to, and you can rest assured that your boiler is working perfectly and each system is clean and working at full capacity.

Many might not want this thinking they are saving money, but the little money you spend on maintenance will prevent you from spending huge money on boiler repairs.

Your boiler will work with high efficiency and distribute heat evenly. This will also increase the life-span of your boiler and make it last longer. We can help you service your boiler regularly.

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